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Janine and Greg Ray:  Our Shaklee Story

A Healthy & Pain Free Life is possible for everyone!    

While talking with one of my clients (Anthea Tripp) I mentioned that I was looking for a house warming gift for one of my daughters who described as a "Green Goddess" in an Austin Woman magazine article. Anthea suggested Shaklee's Healthy Home Pack. All my daughters were raised recognizing the value of good nutrition and a healthy awareness of environmental concern...now they know the value of Shaklee’s incredible cleaning products. 

Through over 30 years as a licensed health care provider, I had been introduced to and had distributed many nutrition related products. When several people in my family were diagnosed with gluten intolerance I sought to find quality products that were truly gluten-free and Non-GMO. During my research I was impressed by the fact that Shaklee’s emphasis has always been on the purity and potency of their products as well as a commitment to ensure the safety and good health of those who use any of their products. 

I had tried for years to encourage my husband to take vitamins and mineral supplements, but he never felt the need like I did. He had diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and was on tons of medication. I used to set up his medication box and started breaking open aVitalizer strip to mix with his medications without telling him. Less than 2 months later for some reason he became suspicious and asked if I was giving him those "Shaklee" vitamins.  When I asked why, he explained that he noticed a difference in his energy level and a general sense of well being!  He finally believed the difference that I was experiencing in my health.  After he had gastric bypass surgery, he developed mal absorption syndrome, anemia and still had hypertension.  He will tell you now that Shaklee's protein powder and the supplements he now takes made a remarkable difference in the recovery of his health. 

We enthusiastically Shaklee-ized our home and share the blessing of the Shaklee Effect  with everyone we can. I recently sold my Massage Therapy Clinic and  have semi- retired into my Shaklee business!

Janine Ray, LMT
Round Rock, TX


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